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Coming Home to Ireland? Is getting back on the road driving you around the bend?

Over the last number of years we have seen many Irish people coming home to Ireland after living overseas for many years. In fact, in the 12 months up to April 2021 we had the largest number of Irish returning home that we’ve has since pre-Celtic Tiger Years, with an average of 580 coming home each week.

Read on for practical expert advice on getting back on the road in Ireland this year.

The drive to come home

Just as there were many reasons to leave in the first place, there are so many reasons to come back.  Our economy has recovered well and despite the impact of Covid-19 is showing itself to be very resilient.  While some are taking advantage of the jobs that exist here, others are enjoying the benefits of the emerging work- from-anywhere global economy.  For many it’s simply the opportunity to raise your family in the environment in which you grew up, and to have your children grow up surrounded by extended family.  We also know that when you return you also bring with you all of the skills, knowledge and experience you gained while abroad and that you will play your part in the improvement of our national and local economies.

It would be great to think that this process was all “Céad Míle Fáilte” and rolling green hills, but unfortunately for many of you, trying to get a car back on the road can cause more than just the one headache.

The potholes and speed-bumps

There can be difficulties exchanging licences – sometimes having to start with a Learner Permit and sit the driving test again.  For those coming home with a non-Irish spouse or partner this process can be even more daunting.

However, the one issue which we hear crop up again and again is the difficulty faced in getting fair recognition of the driving experience you earned overseas.  In many cases the failure to recognise the experience results in refusal to quote, and often in cases where quotes are obtained the premiums quoted, even by Irish standards, are excessive.

Take a Glennon pit stop

We have decades of experience of making sure that Irish motorists coming home are getting fair recognition of their driving overseas, and can arrange insurance policies for them based on this recognition.

We know that the journey home, especially with a family in tow, navigating quarantine and PCR testing requirements, while trying to keep everyone safe can be very stressful.  We also know that you need to be back on the road as soon as possible.

We do all we can to speed up this process for you, but we do recommend that you take some practical steps like getting written evidence of your driving experience, translated into English before you get home. We can then validate that experience and agree an appropriate level of No Claims Bonus recognition with our panel of insurers.

If you are an Irish person returning home, or are a non-Irish person choosing to live and work in Ireland, why not start that journey by contacting our Motor Team on +353 1 707 5861, or email us on MotorQuotes@Glennons.ie to see what we can do for you?



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